The Educational Units of the Municipal Secretariat of Education (SME) are not providing in-person assistance to students, the action enables social isolation and contributes to the prevention initiatives of Covid – 19 (Coronavirus).

SME made available to children, elementary and high school students, enrolled in the Municipal Education Network, educational materials and content to be developed after the end of the school break, which was anticipated and ended on April 9. For students living in the city of São Paulo, delivery is being made via the Post Office, direct to the registered address and updated by families on this form. The content is also available online allowing other networks across Brazil to download the content and use it for teaching in their cities.

The materials provide activities that students can do independently. The printed notebooks must be handed over to the teachers on their return to school. All contents respect what is already foreseen in the São Paulo City Curriculum.

Printed content

For students under the age of 6, the material presents possibilities for interaction and play that complement and assist in the learning processes of babies and young children, in addition to reading instructions, assembling toys and games. For students from the 1st to the 9th grade of elementary school, the materials were divided into the Portuguese Language, Mathematics and Natural Sciences axes. All content was distributed in 120 illustrated pages, in addition to the content there are also exercises related to each discipline. The material for high school students follows the guidelines of Enem, and is focused on current events. The content is divided into 63 pages with activities covering the four areas of knowledge (Applied Human and Social Sciences; Mathematics and its Technologies; Languages ​​and its Technologies and Natural Sciences and its Technologies). Through a letter, built in partnership with the São Paulo State Education Secretariat (SEE), parents and guardians will also have tips on how to organize a study routine, which includes activities, games and games for students to keep up motivated to study and keep learning, while facing the Covid pandemic 19 (Coronavirus). The material also provides tips for families of students with disabilities to guide and integrate students into the knowledge routine at home.

Digital content

SME, in partnership with Google, will use a digital platform so that teachers and students stay in touch and do not distance themselves from studies. In it, teachers will be able to provide content and activities, videos and other resources to deepen the content already studied and also talk about students’ doubts. See the family guidance guide. The Municipal Network already has Educational Units that have materials and there are teachers who organize video classes to expand students’ knowledge and these materials will be included in the platform.