Dear families, babies and children, teacher, management team and all the educators of the Municipal System of Education,

Due to the pandemic caused by Covid19, our children are doing activities and experiments, once were done among the 13 sectors of the Regional Board of Education of São Paulo city, at their homes with parents as mediators.

Water bubbles, tin feet, songs, plays, colors, letters, numbers, paintings, arts and kits of other experiments now take place at the boys and girls’ houses, overdoing the difficult task of being at home.

We know that the moment is not easy and following the security procedures as using alcohol gel, washing hands with water and soap , wearing masks and staying at home , it’s essencial for saving our lives and from people around us as well. Facing this scenario we thought the Municipal Secretary of Education has created a collection os notebooks: Trails of Education that were sent to the families.

As equity permeates any educational practice, we comprehended the necessity of translating the notebooks for children of immigrant families. We made a research about the most spoken languages among children enrolled at Municipal Schools of São Paulo s d concluded that : Spanish, French an English are the most used ones. These way in partnership with the Municipal Secretary of Human Rights and Citizenship, we counted on 140 volunteers to translate the notebooks “ Trails of learning “ that are now available here at the website in:

  • Spanish
  • English
  • French

We hope these notebooks can help all the families that do not speak Portuguese and that the experience of being at home became rich interaction between adults and children.

Núcleo Técnico de Currículo; Núcleo de Educação Étnico Racial et Secretaria Municipal dos Direitos Humanos e Cidadania